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 See What Evil? (rated R or NC-17)

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PostSubject: See What Evil? (rated R or NC-17)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:18 am

By the way, this story is my characters, but in a movie plot. Hope you understand that.

Author- WarpedMinded

Summary- James and a few friends go to the Blackwell Hotel for the best party ever. They however didn't know that there was gonna be a challenge to living through the night.

Reasons for writing this- I felt the need to make a slashy story of this great movie. I hope it doesn’t go down the drain, I am really trying hard on this.

Warnings in this chapter- Female/Female relationship, umm, yeah…that is the main one. The others aren’t that important.

Rated- R

Spoilers You know...I am not sure if I am spoiling the movie at all with this story.

-Part One-

James opened the door to a beat up piece of shit -that is his “new” car- he got for his 18th birthday. He huffed as the door creaked and growled at him. He kicked the door hard as Lindsey and Tyke came up behind him.

Lindsey laughed as she haughtily replied, “Damn James, what the hell did the car ever do to you?”

James smiled and turned around, “Hey you guys. The car is just being an asshole.” He hugged Lindsey first, then hugged Tyke. “How are you two?”

Tyke shrugged as he mumbled softly, “I am so fucking depressed today, cause last week I ran out of my anti-depressants.” He sighed as he looked as Lindsey and grinned slyly, “And Lindsey has a new stalking interest, she has a crush on.” James smiled brightly, his dark blue eyes widening in excitement.

“Oooh, who is the lucky guy?”

“Guy? Dude, remember, Lindsey is lezzy.” Tyke laughed as he smacked James’ head. James grumbled as he rubbed his head where he was oh so rudely hit.

“Okay sorry, Lindsey, who is the lucky girl?”

“Oh, just the one sweet punk girl with the eyebrow ring, and the black and pink hair that is down to her ears.” Lindsey’s face was glowing as she spoke about the girl.

James laughed, “Oh my god! Are you talking about Aimee Treston?” He nudged his friend happily.

Who would have thought, Lindsey the girl who was like a thirty year old seductress in an nineteen year old body, was blushing like a twelve year old who got her first kiss. “Yeah…so, she is cute, and funny. I think she likes me too.”

Tyke put his arm around James and squeezed him tightly, “We are all going to the Blackwell hotel and we are gonna have a party, will you go to?”

“What party, and who all will be going?” James asked cautiously, his eyes narrowing suspiciously at Tyke, who was trying so hard to seem innocent.

Tyke gave up on trying to seem innocent as he sighed and looked at James pathetically. “Okay, okay. The party is just a fun get together, and it will be the best party ever. I will be a killer one! I promise you that.” Tyke looked so happy and thrilled, James couldn’t say no to his best friend.

“Alright, I will go. But who is all going?”

That is where Tyke fidgeted for a moment before reluctantly whispering all the names of the people.

“I couldn’t hear you. Who all is going?”

Lindsey watched in amusement as her friends talked, she yawned as she walked away and looked at the other car across the road, she could see pink and black hair inside the vehicle. She ran over to the car, a grin split across her face as she knocked on the window, scaring Aimee.

Aimee jumped as someone knocked on the window, but when she looked to see who it was, a shy smile formed on her face. She opened the door, “Hey Lindsey, how are you?” She looked at Lindsey’s beautiful features, the long curly red hair with streaks of black that hung down to her shoulders, the cute little nose that bared a ring that was such a great addition to her body she looked even more perfect, oh and the great earrings, lip ring, and eyebrow ring. That woman was a goddess.

Lindsey blushed a little as she croaked out, “I am good. How are you?”

Aimee smiled, her green eyes shining in the sunlight, “I am good now…” Now it was her turn to blush.

“Can-can I sit in here with you while my friends finish talking?”

All Aimee could do was nod, she was so flabbergasted. She watched as Lindsey scooted her little butt into her car and sit by her.

“Just tell me damn it!” James growled as he tapped his foot, waiting for Tyke to tell him who the fuck was going to the party.

Tyke covered his face with his hands as he ground out, “Todd, Ted, Frank, Lacie, Janis, Quincy, Derek, Lindsey, Aimee, me and you.” He took a deep breath as he looked at James. If one evil look could kill, Tyke would be a very dead man.

“Why is there two football players, a cheerleader, a slut, a homophobe that is gay, and a girl that is so scared of everyone, when someone talks to her, she cries and runs away?” James really tried to stay calm, his jaw was clinched so tight is started to hurt.

Tyke looked really sad, “I-I’m sorry, I really am, but we needed to invite at least eleven people to rent the hotel for free. Are you really mad at me?” His kept his eyes closed as his face was downward. James sighed as he hugged Tyke, and rubbed his back comfortingly.

“No man, I am not mad at you. But I am mad that those people will be at the party. I love you okay, you’re my best friend, I couldn’t stay mad at you that long anyways.” James laughed as he lightly pulled on the dark brown hair. Tyke laughed as he lightly pulled back on James’ black hair. Tyke sighed as he laid his head on James’ shoulder. He closed his eyes as he ran his fingers through James’ hair. James smiled as he sweetly kissed Tyke’s forehead.

“Oh, and the party is tonight.” Tyke mumbled, then all of a sudden he was pushed away, a smile on his lips as he saw James’ annoyed look. “What?” He smirked.

James rolled his eyes and turned around, walking toward the car that Lindsey went to. Tyke followed behind him, laughing softly so as to not get hit, by James.

When James and Tyke got to the car, they stared wide-eyed at the scene in the car. Lindsey and Aimee were in a very heated embrace in the backseat, Aimee’s bare leg was twisted around Lindsey’s leg. The windows were open a little, so the windows wouldn’t fog up. But, the opened windows also let James and Tyke hear all the moans and gasps. Aimee was crying out Lindsey’s name, cause from what James could see, Lindsey’s fingers were firmly pumping in and out of Aimee, which was why Aimee’s pants were not on anymore. Aimee cried out one last time, from her climax.

Lindsey smiled as she scooted down and started licking up Aimee’s juices, and teasing her hyper sensitive clit. Once she got Aimee all cleaned up, she kissed her lover gently on the lips while whispering, “I love you.” And helping Aimee into her clothes. She kissed one of Aimee’s dusty pink nipples before giving her, her shirt. Aimee smiled and kissed Lindsey on the lips gently, while whispering back, “I love you too.”

James and Tyke both couldn’t help it, they both loudly sighed, “Awww…so cute.” They both laughed as Aimee and Lindsey scrambled around the car and screamed at the guys for being nosy assholes. James just hugged Lindsey when she got out of the car, who was holding Aimee’s hand in a sweet embrace. Tyke laughed, “I am happy for you.”

“How much did you guys see?” Aimee asked, slightly amused, and a little embarrassed.

“A lot. We don’t need to tell you, it will just make you not want to talk to us.” Tyke reassured as he kissed Lindsey’s cheek. “Don’t worry, me and James wouldn’t get turned on by it anyways since we are gay…just a little.” Tyke smiled as he wrapped his arm around James’ waist. James laughed as he moved and hugged Aimee, “Welcome to the club…of hell.” He laughed louder, which made Aimee giggle.

“Oh, shit…lets head over to the hotel, cause everyone should be there now. All the food and stuff is already set up.” Tyke smiled as he pulled James away, and to his car. “Since your car is a piece of shit, we are taking mine.” Tyke grinned. Lindsey and Aimee, got in Aimee’s car, and drove off to the hotel.

Tyke got in the driver seat and waited til James was buckled in, before he started off to the building. He smiled as he held James’ hand, “Oh and James?”

James looked over, “Yeah?”

“I love you too man.”

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Number of posts : 387
Age : 30
Location : Well...anywhere near my computer.
Favorite Color : Green, Black, Hot Pink
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PostSubject: Re: See What Evil? (rated R or NC-17)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:19 am

-Part Two-

Warnings in this chapter- Blood and gore, Slash (male/male sex), homophobia, racism, language,

Rating- NC-17 or R

Spoilers I don’t think there are, except maybe on how Jacob Goodnight kills his victims.

Oh…and just to let you know. James and Tyke are not boyfriends, they are just really close best friends.

Umm, just send me messages on how my story is, please. Thank you.

Chapter 2

As Tyke drove up to the old, abandoned hotel, a group of people were outside waiting, looking quite unamused. Tyke stopped the vehicle and got out, James not far behind him. “Hey guys, glad you could make--”

“Yeah yeah, can you open the doors, they are locked.” Lacie a girl with blond hair - so blond it was almost white - interrupted Tyke with a bored tone. Tyke grumbled but complied with the bitch’s request. He slowly walked up to, two large wooden doors, years have obviously taken a toll the building, so when he pressed the key into the keyhole, loud clinking noises sounded outside. When Tyke pushed the door open, it actually made cracking noises and a few boards inside fell to the ground, scaring almost everyone outside. Frank and Ted the two football player jocks laughed at everyone, trying to make it seem that they didn’t get scared. Quincy looked around at everyone and nervously laughed, trying to seem cool. Poor Janis almost cried as she jumped back away from the building. Aimee and Lindsey were holding onto each other, afraid that they would get crushed under the building without holding onto each other. Lacie scoffed as she stomped her foot, “Finally.” She growled out as she pushed Tyke away and walked inside. “Wow, this place is a fucking dump,” she mumbled as she trailed her finger over a dusty chair, then smacked her hand on the seat of it, making dust fly everywhere, which in turn had her cough a little.

Todd, and Derek walked inside looking around, making sure nothing will fall again. Derek looked at Todd’s body approvingly, “Damn Todd, where do you work out?” Derek licked his lips as he nodded and moved closer to Todd. Todd looked wide-eyed at Derek and moved away from the fag. “Geez Todd, what did I ever do to you?” The brunette asked as he used his tongue to play with his lip ring.

“You fucking hit on me you fucking cunt!” Todd yelled, his eyes glaring menacingly at Derek, who started backing away from the irate teen. Todd lunged at Derek who cried out as he was pummeled to the ground. As Todd started punching Derek in the face, he ground out, “Don’t…fucking…hit…on..” punch “me…again!” punch Todd’s face was red as he grabbed Derek’s head and slammed it to the ground. Derek let out an anguished cry for help, tears and blood mixed falling down his cheeks, afraid that he was gonna die in a matter of seconds.

But someone came up and grabbed Todd’s hair and yanked the him backwards, a yelp escaping his throat. “Don’t fucking touch anyone like that!” Quincy screamed as he pushed Todd in a different direction. Quincy moved over to Derek and hugged the crying young man, who buried his face in Quincy’s shoulder and sobbed. “Hey…Derek, it’s okay now, don’t worry.” He tried to soothe his friend. “Come on, look at me.” When Derek listened to him and looked up, Quincy made a tsk’ing sound and sighed, “fuck, come on stand up, I am gonna take you to go get cleaned up.” He helped his bloody friend up.

“Is he gonna be okay?” Aimee asked softly, her eyes full of concern.

Lacie looked at Aimee like she was retarded, “Duh, bitch. Does he look okay? But the asshole did deserve it, he is a faggot.”

Aimee frowned and looked away, while Lindsey walked up to Lacie and slapped her across the face, “Don’t talk to my girlfriend that way. She never did anything to you. Almost everyone here is a little gay, so shut up you skanky-ass-ho.” Lacie’s jaw was slack in shock from being called a very rude name.

“H-How…dare you…” Lacie stuttered, but nobody listened they just walked on passed her. She growled at the people that walked by. Fuck! Even the football players were walking by, glaring her.

“Maybe we should go find a bar room.” Janis whispered so softly, barely anyone heard her.

“Yeah, Janis is right, we should go find a bar room.” James nodded approvingly.

Lacie turned away and started walking up the stairs, getting away from everyone else. “Those fucking assholes. How dare they talk to me that way. I am the lead cheerleader! The girl who’s shit don’t stink! They are the skanky-ass-ho’s!” Lacie rambled on talking to herself, not realizing, someone was watching her every move, and hearing every rude comment she was saying.

Jacob Goodnight thought nobody would come to his home, but he was wrong. When he heard people at the front door, he sighed, almost sadly. It wasn’t that he loved killing people, it was sad actually. But he needed to do God’s work, and take out the bad, bring the good.

He was a really big bulky fellow, only around twenty-six years old, his eyes were smaller though, cause his forehead was bigger, and it dipped a little over his eyes, making it look like he always had a face of anger, and confusion. But no, he wasn’t always angry, he was just angry when things went wrong. Like the blond walking down the hall alone. From what he gathered, she was a cheerleader, very mean to people, her name is Lacie…and she is going to die, soon. He watched her though peep holes in the wall. He watched her go into one of the hotel rooms. Jacob took a deep breath and stalked around until he found the two-way mirror that was in the room that the Lacie girl went into. From his view, he sees Lacie reach down to her feet and stretch, then move side to side, back and fourth. why the hell is she stretching, its not like it will do her any good. He laughed to himself.

Lacie sat down on the bed and looked around. The room was really ugly, the yellow sheets, uhh, can you say gross!, the broken pictures, and opened/emptied dressers. “Okay, so what if they are dykes, I mean…I do like girls in some ways…just, sometimes they are so bitchy.” She got up and looked in the mirror, unknown to the figure behind it, seeing her. She pressed her lips together, smearing some lip gloss on, and smiled at herself in the two-way mirror. Her pretty, small, pale hands took her blond hair and fluffed it a little as she shook her head, while trying to make a seductive look.

Jacob’s nostrils flared as he took his hook’n chain and aimed it at the top of the girls head. He threw it through the mirror, not giving Lacie enough time to scream. The hook impaled her head, blood gushing out of her cranium. Her body twitching as she gurgled uncomprehending words, her eyes opening and closing slowly, not actually seeing anything, since her lifeless body twitched like a chicken with its head cut off. Jacob yanked on the chain, making a nice crunching sound as the hook ripped some of her skull and brains out onto the floor. Lacie’s body dropping to the carpeted floor with a dull thump. He leaned over her and pointed a dirty, yet sharp fingernail at her eye, he pressed hard, digging behind her eyeball and pulling it out, making it rip from the nerves it was attached to. Blood fell from her eye, nothing but a gaping hole staring back at Jacob.

He stood up and leaned down and grabbed Lacie’s bloody, and clumpy blond hair, pulling her to his secret room downstairs.

Quincy led Derek to a bathroom, glad he brought a first aid kit. “Alright, this might sting a little.” Quincy warned as he put some alcohol on one of Derek’s wounds. Derek hissed out in pain, but bit his lip, trying to be quiet. “Its over now…don’t worry.” Quincy rubbed his friends shoulders.

Quincy sighed, “uhh, Derek, can I ask you a question?” At Derek’s nod he continued, “Is it possible to be gay, but to be scared of gay people?” Derek looked back at his friend, and gave a small grin.

“It might be possible…have you ever been with a guy?”

“Ohh…no way. I feel like, I want to jack off to images of guys, but I can’t actually touch a guy like that…Know what I mean?” Quincy asked apprehensively.

“Yeah, I understand. But how do you know that you don’t like being with guys that way?”

“Umm, I don’t.”

“Why don’t you try it with someone you trust. Say…like me.” Derek looked at Quincy sweetly.

Quincy looked down at his shuffling feet. “I don’t know…Will it hurt?”

“I won’t let it hurt you. I promise.” Derek stuck his pinky out, and Quincy smiled as he took the pinky with his and shook it.

“But you are known for being a slut,” Quincy muttered softly, then quickly finished, “ offence!” Derek nodded and looked down.

“Yeah, I am not surprised people say that about me. Wanna know the truth?” He leaned close to Quincy, his cool breath tickling Quincy’s neck, making his friend visibly shiver.

Quincy swallowed hard and nodded, “Uh…oh, um, yeah.” He blushed as he turned his head and looked at Derek.

Derek moved so his lips were only inches from Quincy’s ear while he whispered huskily, “I have only kissed guys. Not had sex. I am waiting for the right one to tie to the bed and screw.”

“Why don’t you make love? Especially if you found the right one…”

“I know I found the right one, it is just the matter of me telling him, and him accepting it.”

Quincy smiled, “I’m happy for you, so who is the lucky guy you need to tell?”

Derek’s cheeks reddened as he looked away, a little grin plastered on his face. Quincy wasn’t dumb, and Derek knew that. So he knew that in a matter of seconds Quincy will be blushing and saying, ‘ohh…me? Wow…’

Only a few second after Derek turned his head Quincy’s jaw almost hit the floor in shock, “ohh, me? Wow… I had no idea. I’m flattered, and kind of grossed out. But that is only cause I haven’t ever tried anything with a guy yet.”

Derek nodded, “yeah, look if you aren’t willing to try anything with me, I won’t make you. I care about you too much. You’re my best friend, and I love you. I know…a very weird thing to hear from me, but I have been saving myself for you.”

Quincy smiled, his eyes crinkling on the corners, letting Derek know that is a true smile, not a fake smile he uses for everyone else. “Come on, lets go find a nice hotel room. Not a old, smelly, gross one.” He stood up and held out is hand for Derek. “If I don’t like it, it won’t make me think different of you, we will still be best friends. Okay?”

Derek sighed and nodded slowly, Quincy gently took his friends face in his hand and tenderly kissed the lips in front of him. Derek opening his mouth for his friend, deepening the kiss. Moans filled the hall as they went by each door and opened it, look inside and close it, trying to find the right room. After about six rooms, and about to just do it in the hall, they looked inside a huge dark room and turned on the light, only to gasp at how beautiful it was. Brown and burgundy wallpaper surrounded the room. A queen size bed set near a small window, a dark brown dresser on the opposite wall, a small glass table held a lamp with a wick inside to light.

Quincy nodded, “This is perfect.”

“Fuck yeah, it is perfect.”

Derek carefully pulled off his shirt, and Quincy‘s , while Quincy slowly and teasingly pulled down Derek’s pants, making the zipper move very gently over his erection, causing Derek to groan. “P-please…d-don’t tease. We are gonna make love, not torture each other.” Quincy nodded as he pulled down Derek’s pants the rest of the way, and then got off his pants too. Derek looked down and saw that Quincy actually had an erection, and so from what he could see, Quincy was HUGE!

“Umm. Q-Quincy? Do…do you want me to be top, or you?” Derek asked, his blush bright as he looked at the floor shyly.

Quincy was at a loss for words. “Oh, well. I trust you…so you can be top.”

Derek leaned against Quincy fast, and kissed him passionately on the lips. “Thank you so much for trusting me. It means so much baby.” He pulled down both of their boxers and moved Quincy to the bed.

“Just lay back. I will try to make this as easy as possible.” Derek consoled as he sucked on his middle finger getting it wet, then gently pushed it into the tight hole of Quincy. He heard his friend hiss in pain, so he looked up at Quincy and smiled as he opened his mouth and engulfed his friends whole cock.

Quincy gasped as his hips spasmed, jerking up into Derek’s mouth, which he greedily accepted. Quincy’s first blowjob was amazing, sparks behind his eyes amazing. He felt his whole body relax, and Derek’s finger pushed in easily, but still carefully. Derek grinned as he curled his finger just barely a centimeter, and then he heard Quincy moan, or gasp…whatever it was it was fucking hot! Derek finally got a second finger in, and stretched Quincy enough. “Are you good?”

“Mmm, yes baby, please.” Quincy mumbled, he was trying to breathe, he was so horny, he needed something bigger in him, he needed to be filled, and he had his man with him, willing to fill him all the way.

Derek bit his lip as he nodded and grabbed his lube. He poured it all down Quincy’s crack and smeared it around his hole, and then put a little on his cock. “A-Alright Quince, I-I am gonna fuck you now.” His voice was all shaky, good god! He was being a nervous virgin. But when he saw the look Quincy gave him he stopped shaking.

“Don’t you mean make love to me?”

Derek smiled at Quincy and kissed him on the lips, “that is exactly what I mean hun.” Derek used his hand to guide his cock into his lovers hole. He pressed the head in, a little resistance came, but as he kissed Quincy more, the more his lover relaxed, even when he was to the hilt in Quincy.

“Can-can you move, please?” Derek heard the man beneath him whimper, not in pain, but whimpering for more. Derek nodded as he thrust his hips into the sweet tightness. Quincy’s body moved with him, and soon they found a nice rhythm. They kissed softly as they panted while kissing.

Derek’s hand squeezed Quincy’s cock, which was leaking pre-cum. Quincy came while screaming Derek’s name, Derek came the same time, screaming Quincy’s name.

Derek pulled out carefully, “Fuck, I love you Quincy baby.” He hugged the man from behind.

Quincy smiled and whispered, “I love you too Derek. Let’s just…rest for a few hours.” Derek nodded as they fell asleep content being near each other.


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See What Evil? (rated R or NC-17)
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