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 Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   Wed Apr 09, 2008 1:59 am

(Re-edited chapters. Nothing horribly different, but they may sound better.)

Author: WarpedMinded (WarpedMindedYaoi)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: When Harry and his lover find that they want someone close to join their relationship, they find a way to tell him, and other relationships are found.
Rating: NC-17, or R
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Ron, Severus/Remus/Neville, and there will be more later on.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I make any money from this. J.K Rowling own all of Harry Potter
Author Note: This is one of my best HP fic's that I have wrote so far. I am so proud. ^^ Also! This may not be some people's cup of tea, or soda.
Warnings: M/M/M Anal, Angst, H/C, HJ, Language, M/M, MPreg, N/C, Oral, Rim, Tort, WAFF, WIP


"I don’t give a fuck if you know how I feel about you now." Ron growled out as he roughly yanked on the shaggy haired boy’s neck, mashing their lips together.

"Fuck yes Ron. I am so glad you finally let it out." Harry gasped as they broke apart the kiss.

"Bloody hell, me too Harry. God, I have wanted you for so damn long. I thought I was gonna die if I kept it in any longer. You are everything that I am not Beautiful, funny, courageous, amazing, and sweet.” Ron murmured softly as he kept his lips a hairs-breath apart from Harry’s.

"Ron, you are worth so much to me. You are more than anything I am. You are funnier, sweeter, more gorgeous, way more good looking, very honest, and brave." Harry smiled as he kissed Ron tenderly on the lips. "I just wish you could have to me when we were awake, so this could have been real." He sighed.

Ron gasped as imaginary Harry started disappearing, "No! God dammit Harry. Don’t leave me." After a few moments of being alone he whispered, "Please…"


Harry woke up to the sound of someone sniffling. What’s going on? He stood up and quietly walked to his best friend’s bed. "Ron? Are you okay?" The crying stopped, and the curtain opened slowly to show a very tired, disheveled looking Ron Weasley.

"Huh? Oh, heya Harry." Ron whispered almost so quietly that Harry almost didn’t catch it.

"Are you okay? I thought I heard you crying or something. Do you wanna talk about it mate?"

Ron bit his lip as he thought for a moment, then replied slowly, "...No...I’m alright. Thanks anyway mate."

Harry nodded, “Oh, yeah, no problem. You’re my best friend, and I will always be here for ya." He smiled as he chose that random moment to lean down and hug Ron. "If you ever want to talk, I am just beside you." He grinned as he pointed to his bed.

"Thanks mate, good to know I have someone to really trust here." Ron smiled at Harry with his trademark shy smile.

"Hey. Ron. Can I ask you a really personal question?"

Ron stared at Harry in confusion. "Oh, of course you can mate. You can always ask me anything." He answered quickly.

The dark-haired boy blushed and sat down on the bed beside his red-headed friend. "Okay...I have this friend, and he loves this person, but he doesn't know if the person likes him back the same way. What do you think he should do? Should he ask the guy...uh...person, or should he not say anything?"

Ron looked at Harry, " the friend actually you?"

Harry looked away, "Well...half of it is me..."

"What?" Ron whispered, totally confused.

", and another guy like the same guy. So...we both want to ask him out. You don't like me now do you?" Harry asked sadly.

"No! No Harry, of course not, I am still your best friend. So are you saying you want to start a threesome with your friend and the guy you like?" Ron leaned close to Harry and all the green-eyed boy did was nod.

"Okay. Do you want to tell me who the people are?" A shake of the head. "Okay, well...whenever you are comfortable telling me you can. Alright, Harry?"

"Alright. Thank you for listening." Harry said softly, still very embarrassed from asking the question.

"Oh no problem, and the only advice I can give you is, you should tell the person, and double check with the other guy you like to make sure it is what you both want." Ron smiled encouragingly at his best friend.

"Thank you so much for listening to me Ron. I can always trust you." Harry grinned as he hugged Ron again, making sure to give a full body hug. He then got up and went to his bed, "Sleep well Ron."

Ron sighed as he laid down in his bed, " too Harry."


Harry grinned as he practically jumped into his bed. I need to talk to ‘the friend’ tomorrow. We need to talk it over I guess. Ron sure knows how to give good advice. What I don't understand though is...why he didn't look happy when I told him I liked someone... Harry yawned as he laid back and succumbed to his dreams.


The next morning when Harry woke up he was all alone in the dorms, "Hey? Is anyone in here?" When nobody answered he growled angrily as he stomped off to the shower. The only thing stopping him was that someone had beat him there and was currently leaning back against the wall naked in the shower, curtains open, water spraying all over the hot body, and a hand furiously rubbing at the hard cock in between the toned legs, that were specked with reddish brown hair, a patch above the cock, and trailing up until about a couple inches below the navel.

A gasp escaped Ron's mouth as he stroked faster, "Oh, Harry." He groaned while thrusting his hips up into his hands, coming.

Harry whimpered as he palmed his erection. "Ron?" His wide green eyes staring right into Ron's frightened eyes.

The red head gasped and tried to hide himself from his best friend, "Harry! What are you doing up? I-I thought you wanted me to wake you up? You didn't hear anything did you?" He asked terrified.

"Ron... do you like me like that? Do you want me in that way? Or do you only want a onetime thing?" Harry asked nervously as he stepped forward, getting closer and closer to the very naked and wet Ron Weasley.

"I could never think that. You are better than that. You deserve better than me." Ron whispered brokenly.

Harry ran to the shower and caught his friend as he slid down the tiled wall. He held Ron close to his chest and rocked him back and forth, "Ron, you are worth so much to me. You are more than anything I am. You are funnier, sweeter, more gorgeous, way more good looking, very honest, and brave."

"That is what you said I was in my dream last night. Please don't tell me this is another dream and you are gonna leave again. Please don't go. Please." By the time the red-head was done he was sobbing in Harry's arms, not willing to let go any time soon.

"I'm not going anywhere Ron." Harry soothed as he ran his fingers through the red-head’s wet hair.

"Good..." Ron yawned as he snuggled closer to Harry's warmth, "Good."

"Oh, Harry?" He asked softly, and looked into Harry’s eyes.


"Who are the guys that you were talking about last night?"

"I can't tell you that right now. You will find out in a day or two. Depends on what happens."

"Oh, okay then." Ron sighed, secretly knowing Harry wouldn’t tell him. But Harry has a right to his own personal business. Ron just wished he was a part of that ‘personal business’.

r & r

Chapter 2 ->

Angel/Xander/Spike/Doyle is my favorite rare pairing
Castiel/Dean owns my soul
Dean/Sam is a guilty pleasure of mine
Harry Potter made me love slash fiction

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:37 am

AH!! Please tell me it does NOT end like that! I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!! It's so strange and cuuuuute! But the only sex you had in there was a rape scene. MORE!!
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:07 pm

ok were is the rest of the story, because i want MOOOOORE
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   

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Chapter 1 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus
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