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 Chapter 4 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus

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PostSubject: Chapter 4 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:17 pm

(Re-edited chapters. Nothing horribly different, but they may sound better.)

This chapter contains a miscarriage.

Author: WarpedMinded (WarpedMindedYaoi)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Chapter: 4/?
Summary: When Harry and his lover find that they want someone close to join their relationship, they find a way to tell him, and other relationships are found.
Rating: NC-17, or R
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Ron, Severus/Remus/Neville, and there will be more later on.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I make any money from this. J.K Rowling own all of Harry Potter
Author Note: This is one of my best HP fic's that I have wrote so far. I am so proud. ^^ Also! This may not be some people's cup of tea, or soda.
Warnings: M/M/M Anal, Angst, H/C, HJ, Language, M/M, MPreg, N/C, Oral, Rim, Tort, WAFF, WIP


"I always had a feeling it was Draco you were dating," Ron's voice sounded amused, but he still looked jealous.

"Ron! What are you doing here? Not that I am complaining, but... Come over here." Harry grinned brightly as he motioned his best friend to where he was laying. When Ron got close enough, the green-eyed beauty yanked his best friend up onto the bed and hugged him close. "Ron... Draco and I have to tell you something very important, so please listen carefully. Okay?"

The red head sighed sadly, knowing that he was gonna be told that he wasn't the one they wanted. "Yeah, okay." He looked at Draco, who was looking back at him with an amused expression on his face. Or maybe the look of death. Ron thought, not too happy about the way this is going. After a moment of not hearing Harry talk he huffed at turned to look at his friend, "Dammit Harry! If you are gonna tell me I am not the one you and Draco want tell me! Don't just sit there and make me wonder! It is making me crazy. It is all I can think about. I like you both, but you two together make it hard to imagine that you want another person in your relationship. So please talk and tell me what is going on here." A sigh left Ron.

Harry bit the inside of his cheek, not wanting to laugh at his friend and make his friend feel really unwanted. "Ron, I don't think you are understanding things here. What Draco and I have to tell you will not make you sad, hopefully it will be the opposite. Draco, do you want to tell Ron?"

Draco nodded, and when Ron looked toward him he leaned forward and kissed Ron on the lips. "We want you Ron. You're the one that we want in our relationship; if you are willing to have both of us." He blushed biting his bottom lip. Ron's face lit up.

"Are you being serious?" He looked back and forth between Harry and Draco. Harry laughed and nodded.

"Of course I will." Ron gaped at his friend and new boyfriends. "Are you two really sure about this?"

Draco let out a chuckle, "Yes Ron, we are very sure about this. Are you sure you want to be with us?"

"Are you crazy! Of course I want to be with you two." Ron laughed as he pounced on Draco, kissing him playfully. Then more carefully he leaned against Harry and kissed him gently on the lips. "Harry, are you feeling better, do you need anything for the pain?"

Harry grinned and shook his head. "No Madam Pomfrey has been good at giving me the potions and ointments I need." He then frowned, "Why did they do that to me? I never did anything to them."

"Ooh, Harry. They always wanted to get at people who were not on their side. They wanted to make everyone hurt. So they hurt Neville, and then you. But at least Crabbe and Goyle are dead, so they can't do more harm to others." Draco gently ran his fingers through his boyfriends almost black hair.

"Harry, they deserved what happened to them and more. You deserve the best, but what you got was not even close. That was the lowest of the low because of jealousy. But now you have one extra lover who will stick with both of you and protect you with his heart." Ron smiled as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

"Well, if Crabbe and Goyle were found. Where the fuck is Nott?" Neville growled as he stomped into the infirmary, followed closely by Remus and Severus. "Heya Harry." Neville smiled as he leaned down and hugged his friend close, giving him a kiss on the head. "I want Nott found and murdered. He hurt Harry."

"Nev, he hurt you too..." Harry frowned hugging Neville tighter.

"You are more important for right now. They hurt you worse than they did too me."

"Neville! Come now, you were hurt too. Granted you were not hurt as badly as Harry, but you were still mentally and emotionally affected." Draco looked at Neville with concern, 'there is something wrong with him, and he is acting like nothing really happened to him.' Harry looked at Remus and saw that Remus looked concerned too.

"Hey Neville, why don't you go with Draco and get some lunch. I need to talk to Remus, Snape and Ron, for a moment." Harry gave a small grin to Neville and patted his shoulder, and got a pat back.

Draco put his arm around Neville's shoulders and pulled him out of the infirmary, joking with his new friend.

"There is something seriously wrong with Neville, I mean, I am affected by this too, but he is almost acting like nothing has happened. We need to find a way to help him." Harry looked at each man carefully, taking in their reactions.

"Mr. Potter, I don't know what we could do besides getting a psychiatrist for him, but to make it fair you would have to visit the psychiatrist too." Severus sighed as he tiredly sat down on one of the beds. Remus sitting down beside him and taking his hand gently, running his thumb over his lovers hand.

"Harry, do you think we should talk to him, or what?" Ron asked carefully, hoping that his idea wasn't stupid.

"That is a good idea Ron, but don't you think he might get upset if we start an intervention?" Remus curiously looked at Ron, trying to understand what his student was saying.

"Well, yes, but no. We have to take is slow and ease him into it. If we get him to talk about it, then we will be making progress. I am not sure what I am saying," Ron nervously stopped.

"No, Ron you did good." Harry hugged Ron, while Ron's hand rubbed up and down on his back. "Your right, we do have to take it slow, but we also need to get down to this, figure out what is going on in his mind."

"Mr. Potter, what do you presume we should do then?" Severus carefully watched Harry's reaction.

"We need to all get together, we need to become a family; we need to convince him that even if he does break down we will all be here for him. He might just not want anyone to see him break down, and become weak. He wants to prove that he is strong willed, and he is, I am not saying he isn't. He just wants to be the brave one, and have other people lean on him, not him leaning on everyone else." Harry sighed, he just realized, he described himself too.

Severus nodded, "Yes, I can see that happening to Neville. He was the strong one for us, but we really need to be strong for Neville and you Harry."

Harry bit his lip nervously. Ron noticed and moved closer to his lover and lightly squeezed his shoulder from behind. "He is right, you know. You need help through this too."

"I know." The brunette sighed and looked at the men in the room with sad eyes. "I just want to have the rapes be forgotten, like they never happened, but I know that is not possible. I don't want to be scared of doing sexual things with my boyfriends. I know I trust them, but I will still be scared. It fucking traumatized me and I am scared I won't be the same as I was before all that. Neville, the poor kid, he was a virgin, I was not. We both hurt, and we will hurt for a long time. But we need you guys to help us heal. Please." Harry begged. Deep down he already knew the men were gonna help them as much as they could, sadly, he will need to be fixed before he will believe it.


Draco looked at his companion that was walking with him to the Great Hall to eat lunch. As they were right outside the door to walk into the hall, Draco looked at Neville to see he was a little pale. "Longbottom? Are you gonna be okay?" He joked a little, but stopped when he saw that something really was wrong.

A tear slid down the hazel eyed brunette’s cheek. As if in slow motion Neville's knees went out and he was about to collapse on the ground, but luckily Draco caught the crying boy, gently setting him on the floor. He held the boy close as he rocked back and forth. "Shh, shh. It's gonna be okay Neville. We are gonna help you and protect you."

"Nott is still here somewhere. I bet that right when I am alone he will attack me. I don't want my mates to worry about me every second of the day when they aren't near me. I don't want to have to rely on them every second of the day. I am already weak, I don't want to be weaker." Neville sobbed as he hugged Draco tightly, not letting go any time soon.

"Hello. Do you two need any help?" The calming but quiet voice of Luna Lovegood echoed through the hall, and Draco looked up to see a worried Luna and Ginny staring down at them.

"Yes, please. I need help taking Neville to the infirmary."

Ginny smiled as she pointed her wand at Neville and cast a weightless spell. Draco smiled gratefully at Ginny and Luna as he easily carried Neville back to the infirmary.


Severus was looking at Remus, his hand reaching out to take his beloved's hand. He gave him a secret smile, one that only Remus used to see. Now Neville will also be seeing that secret smile more often also.

Remus smiled back at Severus and squeezed his hand. They almost jumped out of their seats when the infirmary doors were slammed open. Draco walked in carrying a crying Neville, "Please, help him. He broke down right outside the Great Hall."

Severus got up from his seat, pulling Remus up also, and they both walked briskly over to their third. Neville reached his arms out, wanting to be held by one of his lovers. Which happened to be Severus because he was the stronger of the two; since less than a week ago, was the full moon. Remus ran his fingers comfortingly through Neville's dark brown hair as Snape carefully set Neville down on one of the infirmary beds. Neville sobbed, but it stopped in an instant as he gasped in pain, clutching his stomach.

"Madam Pomfrey please come here and look at Neville's stomach." Severus called the mediwitch out. Remus growled angrily as he tried to calm his two mates.

Poppy came into Neville's view and pulled out her wand, trying different spells, until one finally made her come to a stop. She sighed and shook her head, and a tear fell down her cheek. "I'm terribly sorry Neville, but, it seems that you have had a miscarriage."

Neville's eyes widened in shock, "Wh-what? You can't be serious, don't tell me that. Is this April fool's? Don't tell me this is real. Oh god, please don't tell me you just said I had a miscarriage." He shook violently as he leaned onto the side of the bed and retched, sobs coming out as gasps and cries of agony and loss.

Severus, the most composed man in the world, held his young lover close, and shook him back and forth, whispering sweet nothings. Neville cried as he hugged Severus and Remus close, "Please, don't hate me. I'm sorry."

Remus shook his head, "Don't apologize, you did nothing wrong Neville. We love you, and we won't leave you." He whispered into Neville's ear, but Severus heard also.

Later that night Neville had to be given a calming draught, and also a sleeping potion, because when Severus and Remus had to leave, he wouldn't stop crying or screaming in terror.

Harry kept trying to make him feel better, but it was all in vain. He fell into a fitful sleep.


Over the next few weeks, their friends trying their best to comfort each other through this hard time. But it wasn’t always so easy.


One of those days Harry scared everyone by his sleepwalking suicide attempt. He walked to the bathroom and grabbed a razor, and slit one of his wrists, but, thankfully, his screaming brought people in there to stop him before he did his other arm.

When he woke up, he didn't know what he did, he looked lost and very confused. "What happened? Why is there bandages on my arm?"

Ron spoke up quietly, "Harry... you just tried to kill yourself." Harry's eyes widened, as he stared at Ron in shock, and then looked around and saw Draco trying not to cry.

"No. I wouldn't ever do that!."

"Your subconscious seemed to think differently Harry. Don't worry. We are here for you. No matter what." Remus smiled kindly at Harry and gave him a fatherly hug. The young brunette hugged him tightly.

Harry sniffed and wiped his eyes, "I swear, I would never want to do that to you all. I'm so sorry."

Ron gave a bitter smile, knowing that Harry would never really do it on purpose. He had no clue what to say. Ron wanted to make his dark haired boyfriend feel better, not worse. So the red-head leaned down and hugged his boyfriend, “I love you Harry.”

Draco smiled sadly and walked toward his boyfriends, and hugged them both tightly. “We will always love you Harry. Don't worry, you just have to talk to someone, either a therapist, or an adult that you feel comfortable talking to. And if you really want, one of us can stay with you, just as moral support.”

“I-I will talk to Severus and Remus, please." Harry looked up at the adults and saw their stunned looks.

“Harry... you want us to help you?” Severus asked carefully, unsure if he actually heard right.

“We would love to help you. You're like a son to us.” Remus added, giving a gently kiss on Harry's forehead.

“How is Neville? Is he okay right now?” Harry asked, watching Severus and Remus to see how they react.

Snape looked down sadly, “They had to put him in a wizarding coma, every time he was awake he would just scream and cry, then finally Pomfrey decided to put him to a calming and relaxing sleep. We are gonna wake him up soon.”

The brunette nodded and bit his lip sadly, “I'm so sorry Neville had a miscarriage. I can't even imagine what he is going through. He deserved so much better than he got. At least now he has two mates that will take good care of him." There was a small smile on Harry's face as he said that. Draco and Ron nodded, agreeing with Harry.

“Thank you so much.” Remus whispered softly, his voice husky from held in tears, a lump in his throat. “It means so much to us that you trust us with Neville.”

“You’re a teacher, you both are, and you both are mature and very smart about what life is like, and how it can treat people. There isn't anyone I trust more with Neville.”


About three weeks later, Neville was out of the hospital and getting help through the miscarriage. He sometimes asked his lovers to go with him, and sometimes he would ask Draco, who he seemed to trust the most out of his friends. He told people it was because Draco was there to help him when it all happened.

Severus was sitting in his chair in front of the fireplace, reading one of his books about werewolves since his lover just happened to be one. He was waiting for Remus and Neville to come back to his place, to have a romantic dinner and a cuddle afterwards. Snape snorted, Yes, I can't believe they make me cuddle. Oh who am I kidding? I do like laying with them in silence, just enjoying their presence.

The door was pushed open and Ron walked into the room, carrying a sleeping Neville. Remus was following behind them with a guilty look on his face.

The older brunette flushed when he saw Severus raising a brow at him, “I couldn't carry Neville, It's getting close to the full moon and I just don't have the energy.” Remus bit his lip as he sat on the arm of Severus' chair. The black haired man chuckled, wrapping an arm around Remus' frail body and pulled him down onto his lap.

“Ron, could you just set him on the couch? We can take him to the room in a bit. Thank you.” Severus gave Ron a small smile as the red-head nodded and set the Neville on the couch, then walked out the door, heading to his own lovers.

Remus was watching Neville, a small smile on his face, “When he is healed maybe we can try for a child. Since werewolves are actually fertile, there could possibly be a spell that can take some of my DNA, some of yours and some of his, and put it together and make a child, or maybe more than one child..." He trailed off, not sure if his usually snarky dark lover would want children or not.

“Yes. We can talk to him about it in a few weeks. We just have to be sure he is fully healed before we get to that.” Remus nodded as he rested his head on Snape's shoulder. “I love you Remus. I know I don't say it often enough. But I will try to say it more. I know that Neville really has self-esteem issues that we need to help him with.”

Neville rolled over, mumbling, then he blinked a couple times and smiled when he saw his two lovers, “Hey. How are you two? Was I asleep long?”

Severus smiled, “We are just fine. Not very long, just enough to make you want to stay up late tonight." He then chuckled when Neville gave a cheeky grin.

“Yes, I happened to plan it that way.”

“Well good because Severus planned a romantic dinner for us.”

Neville sat up and gave his dark-haired lover a bright smile, “Thank you Sev.” He stood up and walked over to the Potion's Professor and kissed his cheek, then did the same to Remus. “I guess it's a good thing I am starving then.”

“Well, I better get everything finished and set up, shouldn't I?”

“Do you need help love?” Remus asked as Snape got up from his chair, his fingers running down the Potion Master's arms.

Severus looked down at Remus with a tiny smile. "There isn't much left to be done. You go ahead and rest. I will ring the dinner bell when it's done." He teased, making Remus smirk.

"Oh yes, make sure you bring in the horses, cows and pigs from outside also." Remus joked back then laughed when Snape shook his head fondly and went to the kitchen.

Neville's eyes were alight with pleasure at seeing his two men interact with each other in the private of their own home.


After dropping Neville off, Ron headed back to the Head Boy room that Ron was able to get last week. He had then let McGonagall know that Draco was a friend, so he could be trusted. Little did she know, they were dating, and Harry and Ron shared it, Draco coming and going at all hours of the day. “Guys, I am back. Neville was really knackered.” He came to a stop as he stared at his two lovers kissing on their bed.

“Whoa... that's a nice thing to come home to.” Ron grinned as he waggled his eyebrows.

Draco couldn't help but chuckle, breaking the kiss and almost making Harry pout. “That's not nice Ron, you could have just joined in, not make us stop.”

Ron gave an apologetic smile as he walked over to the bed and sat down. “How about I get a welcome back kiss first.”

Harry happily obliged as he leaned over Draco and kissed Ron on the lips, then Draco doing the same to the red-head.

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Chapter 4 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus
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