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 Chapter 3 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus

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PostSubject: Chapter 3 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:59 pm

(Re-edited chapters. Nothing horribly different, but they may sound better.)

Warning! This chapter starting at the beginning IS a graphic RAPE scene. Go to the next line if you want to skip it.

Author: WarpedMinded (WarpedMindedYaoi)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Chapter: 3/?
Summary: When Harry and his lover find that they want someone close to join their relationship, they find a way to tell him, and other relationships are found.
Rating: NC-17, or R
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Ron, Severus/Remus/Neville, and there will be more later on.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I make any money from this. J.K Rowling own all of Harry Potter
Author Note:This is one of my best HP fic's that I have wrote so far. I am so proud. ^^ Also! This may not be some people's cup of tea, or soda.
Warnings: M/M/M Anal, Angst, H/C, HJ, Language, M/M, MPreg, N/C, Oral, Rim, Tort, WAFF, WIP


As Harry woke up he noticed two things. One: He wasn't in the dorms. Two: He was naked and tied down, and not in the nice way that he and Draco liked to play around.

"Hello?" He cautiously looked around, squinting his eyes to try and see in the dark room.

"So, our little slut Neville told you about us, is that right?" A low angry voice growled at Harry.

"You assholes! I'm going to kill you for what you did to Neville! Let me go right now!" Harry yelled.

"I don't think you have any room to be talking back to us you whore. Crabbe, Goyle, go have some fun with the Boy-Who-Lived. Let's be the ones to test his nickname." Theodore Nott laughed as he moved away from Harry's naked trembling body.

"Someone will find me. You can't get away with this." Harry spat, his eyes flashing like green flames.

Goyle slapped Harry across the face, "Shut up bitch! The only sounds we want to hear now are your screams. But don't worry though, we will have you used to it in no time." He ripped off his pants and stroked his dick only until it was half hard and then happily shoved it into Harry's tight, dry entrance.

Harry let out a scream of pain, only to have his mouth filled with a nasty cock that repeatedly slammed into the back of his throat, forcing him to gag.

Tears trickled down Harry's face as one brutal thrust tore his insides. The dick currently in his mouth was swelling, signaling that the teen was gonna cum into his mouth. So Harry did one thing he would soon regret. He bit down as hard as he could on the cock, making Theodore cry out in agony, blood and semen running down Harry's cheeks and face.

"M-make h-h-him p-pay." Theo sobbed as he used his wand to try to fix his half-gnawed off dick.

Crabbe snorted as he smiled nastily at Harry, "Our pleasure." He lifted his fist and punched Harry as hard as he could, making the boy's jaw snap, forcing a scream so loud they had to cover their ears.

Goyle laughed as he stepped forward and took out a knife and pressed it harshly against Harry's bare chest. "How about we claim you Potter? I bet you would love that. To know that we own you, and that you can never say no to us, cause you belong to us." A little blood seeped from the wound near Harry's left nipple. Greg made a quick slice on Harry's skin, causing the boy to hiss in pain.

Please Draco, I really need your help right now. Save me, I don't know how much longer I can stay conscious. Harry blearily blinked his eyes as he tried to stay awake, but not wanting too at the same time.

The knife continued it journey until it stopped finally at the right nipple, jagged edges of a symbol was on his bloodied skin. A symbol of ownership was carved onto his body. A large wound that showed everyone that Crabbe and Goyle owned Harry Potter.

"Crabbe, how about you and me both fuck him now until he goes unconscious." Goyle chuckled as he pulled Harry's arms out of the sockets, so he couldn't move his arms. Then untied them and lifted him up, and shoved Harry's fragile body down onto his dick. Harry shut his eyes tight as he sobbed for help, the pain more than unbearable now. "Come on Crabbe, come join me in this tightness."

"Oh, I will be coming soon into that tightness." Vincent laughed as he got on his knees in front of Harry and pushed his cock between the Boy-Who-Lived legs. "Ready for me to put it in you, precious?" Crabbe mocked compassion as he pushed in roughly, his cock sliding in beside Goyles with the help of Harry's blood.

Harry happily accepted the darkness that had loomed over him.

"Good, he's out. Let's get out of here before someone finds him. He deserved all of this." Nott snapped as he got his clothes on, his cock still very tender and throbbing in pain from when Harry bit him.

Vincent and Greg popped out of Harry's unconscious body then wiped their bloody cocks on his chest, over the seeping wound, forcing the semen and blood to mix together. All three laughed together as he walked out of the room, leaving Harry alone in the freezing room, nothing to protect him from hypothermia, or viruses.


A couple hours later Lupin frowned at the rancid smell of blood and semen coming from a room a couple doors down. Then one smell in particular hit him hard, Harry... He ran to the room and pushed the door open with much difficulty. What he saw made him gag and nearly throw up on the floor.

Harry was laying naked on a table, his skin almost a blue tint, nothing but blood covered him, crusty semen splattered all over his body. Lupin resisted the urge to be sick again and ran up to Harry, picking him up and running out, and going to the infirmary as fast as possible.


Draco stared at Professor Lupin in shock, not quite believing what was going on.

"I am sorry Draco, but Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe were found hung outside their organs tore out of them." Remus looked at Severus sadly, but they all knew those boys deserved it.

Draco rubbed his forehead as he sighed, "I don't feel any remorse at all. They hurt Harry, my boyfriend, my mate. I would have never forgave them. How is Harry doing since you brought him in?"

Severus patted his godson's shoulders, "He is still unconscious, but he is getting some of his color back. They have him cleaned up, on antibiotics, and they have put some of my homemade ointment potion on his chest from the knife markings. His jaw was almost shattered but they got it fixed, so I don't know if he will be able to talk or not, if he can, he is very lucky. His arms were also jerked out of the sockets but thankfully those were easily put back in place. The most damage done was the rape, it seems they decided to do a double penetration without any kind of lubrication, except for blood. Just remember, it's not just physical pain, it's more about mental pain."

Draco's jaw was on the floor, tears stinging his eyes, nodding as he looked toward to infirmary door, "May I please go see him? I just want to be with him, and hold his hand to show him I am still here."

Severus and Remus nodded, "Draco, we are always here for you and Harry if you ever need someone to talk to." Remus whispered into Draco's ear softly.

"Thank you Remus. I see why my godfather loves you so much." Draco smiled as he walked towards the door, "Please be careful with Neville. He has been through so much."

Neville heard what Draco said, and smiled as he walked up to Severus and Remus, "Draco, don't worry. I know they would never hurt me."

Remus looked at Neville, disbelief on his face, "How did you know?"

"I heard you last night before you left my room. I just put two and two together. I will try to be the best mate ever." Neville reddened as he looked at the ground nervously.

A hand lifted Neville's chin up, and his hazel eyes stared into Severus' disbelieving dark eyes, "Are you sure about this Neville? We might be too old for you. You are our mate, and you will be til we die. We don't want to be rushing into this. Especially since what happened to you the last few days. This is a very serious matter at which you should think about rationally."

Neville tried not to grin at Severus, "Oh, I will of course think about it rationally. Let's see. I have two of the most handsome men that are actually my mates. They are attracted to me. This would make my life finally perfect, just being with you two." The dreamy look was on his face as he looked deeply into Severus' eyes, "You may not think you are a sight to see, but I bet you that Remus thinks the same as me. You are perfectly handsome, you can be so kind when you want, you have the most amazing and unique personality, and you don't hurt someone to get a few laughs out of it. You are serious, but at the same moment you can be teasing. You know how to calm people down, and yet you know how to rile them up." He lifted his hand and ran his thumb over Severus Snape's cheek. He turned his gaze to Professor Lupin.

"Same for Remus. You have a rugged look to you. I am so happy and proud that you were able to accept who you were. You are so kind in your nature, you protect anyone you call family or friends. You stick up for what is right. You may think you look horrid, but Sev and I don't think so, am I right?" Neville placed a kiss over Remus Lupin's heart.

"Yes, your right." Snape whispered as he rubbed his companion's back. "Remus, Neville is right. You are everything I am not, but then again, maybe I am everything you are not. That is why we fit together so perfectly. Neville is the last piece of our puzzle, and we will be one perfect picture."

Remus nodded as he hugged both Neville and Severus tight to his body, both of them hugging him back just as tightly.


Draco walked into the hospital wing and quickly walked up to his lover, "Harry? You will be okay soon, they are gonna have you hyped up all in good time." He let a small sad chuckle escape as he stroked his lover's cheek affectionately. "Please wake up soon Harry, I am nothing without you. If you do wake up soon, I will get Ron down here so we can tell him how we feel about him. I have a feeling he will be so happy Harry."

"Hmm, are you sure?" Harry groggily asked as he weakly reached his hand up and caressed Draco's arm, a very tiny smile crossing his tired face.

"Oh! Thank Merlin, I was so scared it would take you longer to wake up, but of course you are Harry Potter." Draco chuckled but stopped when he saw how watery his lover's eyes were. "Harry? What's the matter?"

"I should have tried harder to stop them. I let them go too far. You were the only one who was supposed to be with me intimately, but they ruined it." Harry let out a breathy sob as he held Draco's pale hand, and kissed the knuckles, "I love you so much Dragon. I am in love with you."

Draco watched Harry, his eyes full of admiration, affection, and love. "I feel the exact same way Harry. Only a little more though." He joked.

"Ha. Your funny." Harry gave a bigger smile as he leaned up, "Can I have a kiss?"

"Why do you need to ask?" Draco laughed as he bent his neck and kissed Harry tenderly on the lips.

"Because I wanted to be a gentleman?"

Draco rolled his eyes as he looked down at Harry, "You know they found Crabbe and Goyle strangled with their guts on the outside. Darling, they deserved it."

"I know Drake. They got what was coming to them."

"Harry, I still can't believe at how healed you are already. Not that I am complaining, but that was pretty damn fast." Harry laughed at how confused Draco looked.

"You’re so cute Dragon. Can I keep you forever?"

The blond grinned, "You may keep me for as long as you want me."

"Oh, well. You better be packing all your stuff because you are gonna be with me for longer than infinity, I promise you that." Harry sealed the promise with a romantic kiss.

A snicker escaped from the doorway. Draco and Harry both shot looks at who would dare ruin their lovey-dovey moment.

<- Chapter 2 | Chapter 4 ->

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Chapter 3 - Trust Thy Will |NC-17| Draco/Harry/Ron, Neville/Remus/Severus
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