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 Zachary Whitaker

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PostSubject: Zachary Whitaker   Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:02 am

Name: Zachary Whitaker
Age: Twenty-one
Race: Fallen/hybrid (explained in his history.)
Personality: Realist, somewhat depressing, pessimistic, a bit angsty. He typically tries to keep to himself, but finds he's drawn to people without wanting to be.
History: Zachary is the product of an angel that bedded with a vampire. (His father was the angel Gabriel, and his mother was a vampire named Belladonna.) After Zachary was born, his mother was murdered by a werewolf, causing Gabriel to hide Zachary in a human home and erase the child's memories of who his parents were. Without being aware of it, Gabriel had placed Zachary in an abusive family, and until he turned fifteen, Zachary was constantly beaten and tortured by his parents. (He was even raped multiple times by his adoptive father.) On his fifteenth birthday, Zachary murdered his parents, running off into the night and hiding out in the woods. He was there for a year before eventually coming back into society. He managed to make it seem like he had no memory of the murders, and ever since then, he's been living on his own and making sure he never becomes vulnerable like that again.
Uke/Seme/Smuke: Seme.
Distinguishing Features: Scars on his back from abuse, scarred wrists from suicide attempts.
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Zachary Whitaker
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