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 A Few Rants...

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PostSubject: A Few Rants...   Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:48 am

First of all, the people at school are really pissing me off. There's this girl there (Crystal) and she keeps saying that she's my friend, even though she's a total bitch and I've told her that I'm not planning on speaking to her again. Seriously, I didn't do anything other than say "Hi" to her, and she blows off on me and screams, "Don't fucking talk to me." ...Fine, bitch, ain't talking to you again, and QUIT FUCKING SAYING WE'RE FRIENDS WHEN WE'RE NOT!


Sorry about that.

Secondly, my computer is making me angry. Mozilla Firefox is gone now (due to whoever the hell was looking up porn on the computer...*glares at brother and step-dad*), and Internet Explorer is both slow and unreliable. Not only that, but this is an older computer, so I can't use my jump-drive due to the fact that there's no plug-in for it. Makes me angry...

Finally, the whole economy is making me depressed. First off, there's so many people saying "Oh, the world's going to shit, and there's nothing we can do about it." ...First off, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND FIGURE OUT WHAT WE CAN DO TO FIX IT! Next there's the whole "bail-out" controversies going around. Just get the thing over with, so that way you won't be bitching and moaning about it! Finally, the war is getting WAAAAAY out of hand. We've gotten rid of Hussein, so why are we still over there? We've done our work and didn't expect any sort of repayment, so now it's up to the Iraqi people to fix up their government. We gave them a head-start; now we need to let them bring their country back to the way it should be.


Just had to get that out, since it's been bugging the hell out of my family for talking about it...
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A Few Rants...
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